“Transparency builds trust”

We want our donors to know how their donations create impact on someone’s life. Donors can meet the students at the campus offline, or through online on a mutually agreed preferred day. The regular updates also be shared through social media, WhatsApp, email.

Meet the beneficiary

We want our donors to meet the beneficiary. You can plan to visit the campus and meet the beneficiaries. Alternately, one of our faculty members will connect you through online meeting on a mutually agreed schedule.

Connect through Social media:

Regular post will be updated on Social media platforms.


You will not be added to any group without your permission. You will be posted regular updates through WhatsApp.

How are your contributions utilized?

We provide a direct connection between the donors and the donee link to Sparsh Pratibha.

Join us to nurture the future….

You can donate, mentor, volunteer, and make a difference in someone’s life …